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Tuesday, 21 March 2017



Dear Dame 

No matter how senior you are within Sainsbury's you are expected to get down and dirty for a few weeks a year.
This means toiling in a store shelf stacking, or worse, to get some idea what those at the bottom of the heap have to endure.

Having just received my business and council tax demand I took a look at the career profiles of our senior officers. 
It was no surprise to find that none had ever held down a job outside local or national government: in fact, most had spent their entire working lives depending on the public purse for their bullet proofed lives

Would it not be a good idea to force the likes of Messrs Stallwood and Holgate to work for a month in some hard-pressed local business? 
In that way, they could get a better understanding of the effort and sacrifice required to fund their obscenely high salaries and pensions of our senior council officers.

Yours respectfully,

A Notting Hill Shopkeeper

Sunday, 19 March 2017


Londoners, of all political persuasions, turned out en masse this Saturday to protest about NHS plans to cease all Congenital Heart Diseases operations and research at the Royal Brompton. The closure would especially hit children and young people. 
Let's hope Jeremy Hunt gets a grip on this and stops this madcap and pointless scheme.
Victoria Borwick MP

The Crowds Protesting
Nick Paget-Brown, Betty Boothroyd, Greg Hands MP
Former Leader of the Commons, Betty Boothroyd

Saturday, 18 March 2017



What is the matter with NHS Management? 
One madcap scheme after another as they flounder around like decapitated chickens. Their latest madness affects us all. Their idiotic and senseless plan is to decommission Congenital Heart Disease Services at Royal Brompton Hospital including linked research and the Children's Unit.
Please join the march on Saturday, 18th March(details above) and tell the NHS bureaucrats what you think by clicking on the LINK

World's Leading Heart Surgeon

Read what Sir Magdi Yacoub has to say LINK

Wednesday, 15 March 2017



The plan to build multi basements under the wonderful Hawksmoor/Vanbrugh Orangery at Kensington Place needs halting. Unless three objections are received the decision will be a delegated to the Director of Planning, Mr Stallwood....and that...we do not want... do we! So, the Dame says email quoting PP/17/01414 and object on the grounds the basement construction......

  • contravenes CL 7  
  • The embargo of basements under Grade 1 listed buildings.

You can also go to the detailed application and object there LINK
This application is of such importance it must be democratically debated by the Planning Committee, not decided by developer friendly, Mr. Stallwood and, as one resident succinctly put it.... "A truly shoddy application. The 4 part Design Statement is incoherent and bitty. The application fee is £8,500 and the Community Infrastructure levy nearly £77k: waste of public money. The client is being led by the nose of greedy advisers: what on earth have works at St Martin's in the Fields got to do with messing up acres of Kensington Gardens? Shocking, and that's before you even get to issues of CL 7 and listed status."

Monday, 13 March 2017


The old Dame has always had a bit of a schoolgirl 'pash' for Cllr Julie Mills....
She really speaks her mind. 
Other Conservative councillors should heed her example. 
This letter to the planning committee is typical of her 'no nonsense; sort it out' approach.

The best leader of the Council we never had.....

This quote, made at the start of her Mayoralty sums her up....
"A common misconception about Kensington and Chelsea is that it is full of rich people, but that is simply not true.  "Of course there are some very well off people, but we also have some of the worst pockets of deprivation in London, particularly in the north of the borough. And people can feel isolated due to poverty, but there are so many other reasons too - maybe due to age or disability."

Dear Planning Committee.

Thank you for calling in several of the mass applications for what are advertising structures rather than phone services and which will further blight the streetscape.  The horror is that they continue to encourage criminality and public nuisance via carding, public order offences, drug taking with drug paraphernalia left behind, prostitution and discarded condoms, filth and vermin since the cos neither clean nor maintain their structures.

The sadness is that the alleged telephones and wifi services are not functional on any consistent basis, leading most citizens to believe that this is a subversion of The Communication and Planning Acts, the real provide advertising revenue to private cos. with no reciprocal public benefit.

May you let us know how many Applications, officers have turned down as well as The Planning Committee so far?

The Public Highway should not & cannot be used in this casual manner. A Boards, for example are not permitted this unlimited exposure. 

Officers should note that Norland Councillors resist all Applications to install telephone advertising on The Highways, posing as phone boxes...... unless a company can show that there is a demonstrable need. The onus is on the Company. If not made out....the Applications MUST fail. 

The Executive and Cabinet should take note of The Motion which was passed at last Council regarding these duplicitous structures. It urges KC to enforce against derelict structures on its Highways and Tfls.... and requires the MPs to seek amendments to the Communications Acts, to deter this practice. 

Mr. Carver is requested to supply The Motion and the voting numbers as I believe it was carried unanimously across all Parties. 

May we suggest that you consider holding off determination till the MPs respond so we do not get into a basement scenario where permissions were granted in huge numbers while we worked out reactive Policy, retrospectively.

May We also ask why enforcement officers do not serve Abandonment Notices and have permanently placed structures removed forthwith where demonstrably they have been shown not to be fit for purpose?

Please log this email and The Motion as a formal OBJECTION to all Applications that have recently come in and any future ones. 

Yours sincerely

Cllrs. Mills and Lindsay. ( Norland Ward )

Sunday, 12 March 2017



The Dame was surprised to read this from one of her grand readers. Surely it is wrong that residents should have to pick up the bill for the incompetence of the planning dept?

Flat 10020, 
Chelsea Cloisters
Sloane Avenue
London SW3 3DW
0207 351 3409

My Dear Dame

Readers might like to know RBK&C will be buying a luxurious motor car for myself and Colonel Bulkeley-Ormerod-Egerton!
The new Marlborough School development has taken our light away so our solicitors, Messrs Edwin Coe of Lincolns Inn, wrote a nasty letter to Mr Stallwood.
The Council, not wishing to have the development held up, or bad publicity, are now quietly negotiating to pay us Chelsea Cloisters owners 'go away' money.
Well, actually, it's taxpayer's money.
The full amount will be disclosed when negotiations are complete, but Messrs Coe tells us it will be 'chunky'.
Looks like another massive cock up on the part of Mr Stallwood's planning team who did not see, looking at the  plans, the development would affect our right to light.

By the way, dear Dame, your fame goes before you. 
Our Chelsea Cloisters Resident Association are honoured to extend to you an invitation to our Summer Cocktail Party. Perhaps your sporting young nephew, Ludo, would come to? 
There will be many young gals from different parts of Eastern Europe who would love to meet him and empty his wallet.

Ever yours,

Mrs  Bulkeley-Ormerod-Egerton


Why did Mr Stallwood, our head of planning, allow Mr Moran, a very generous Tory Party donor, to put up this hideous sign outside Chelsea Cloisters.
Mr Moran has an interesting past LINK

The sign actually misses out a message to one particular type of tenant whose activities are of a nature a family news site like the Dame's dare not dwell upon....


Fresh from trying to turn a buck renting out PERKS FIELD for some ghastly Food Fayre( what is it about this British obsession with eating?) William and wife have been persuaded by an idiot 'adviser' to build an Iceberg Basement below the Kensington Palace Orangery. LINK
The Dame is as obsequious and servile as any other when it comes to the Royal Family.
Her polo playing days are long over she still remembers with misty-eyed pleasure playing a chukka or two with Prince Charles and Cllr 'Polo Boy' Marshall.
Presumably, the applicant will say that there is no pre-existing basement so falls outside CL7: that won't wash as the plan is to build a two storey basement.
But, of greater importance, is where the utterly useless Historic England stands. 
It is strictly forbidden to construct basements under listed buildings. The Orangery is Grade 1 listed so it will be easy for the Planning Committee to kick this one into the long grass and blame Historic England.
What's even more hypocritical is the claim that the building works are necessary for the welfare of visitors LINK

The Dame is increasingly concerned about the vulgarity of the new generation of Royals. 
They really do seem frightfully common....

It reminds the Dame of the advice of a wise Royal councillor. When asked by Queen Caroline how much it would cost to enclose Hyde Park to keep out the hoi polloi was told, " only a crown, ma'am; only a crown".