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Monday, 19 February 2018


Dear Ms Derbyshire

I received the below message from the Kensington Society. What struck me first was the 'closing date' for any comments/objections...  21st January.  
Although the Society states that comments received after this date can be considered RBKC is in no way obliged to consider them.  
This date would suggest that RBKC is sailing far too close to the wind.  
The result is that they can claim that merely a handful of objections were received. 
Comments submitted to RBKC's 'Planning Dept', are NOT subject to independent scrutiny or audit.  These can be manipulated by RBKC as it feels fit, without any fear of retribution, as there is NONE.
Who knows what vested interests exist between the 'Planning Dept', Councillors, Savills, who are heavily involved in property deals with RBKC, specifically Councillor Paget-Brown (secret sales of Grenfell leaseholds, without offering the vacant properties to those on the vast Housing List.)
What is interesting is that RBKC has not learned.  
They are hiding behind 'care home' development for the rich, to push through this Planning Application. 
Due to the nature of the 'use', the unidentified developer is in NO WAY obliged to provide the much needed 'affordable' housing...including 'care homes' and 'sheltered accommodation' for the needy residents of RBKC.
I am also writing to the CQC to get their definition of a 'care home'.
Can anything be done about this?
with kind regards
A Resident


The Dame's investigative team never sleeps as it works tirelessly to uncover the background to Savill's very odd client, Sexylicious Ltd.
The directors of Sexylicious are behind the Heythrop College developer planning budget £9 million flats for oldies like the Dame.
Clearly, the two directors are planning to give the oldies some sexy entertainments using Sexylicious....
The development will clearly need a Cardiac Arrest Unit
The project is being promoted by the shell company "Leonard Kensington Propco Ltd", incorporated 11 months ago. The Directors are Iain Corstorphine (who set up on his own as a consultant 3 yrs ago after working for the Bank of Scotland in property finance, distress and restructuring) 
and Nigel Barnett Harris, a self employed property consultant who operates behind colourfully named companies such as "Sexylicious Ltd", "Shoot From the Hip Ltd", and "Dreamstars Ltd". All registered at 6 Canfield Place NW6.

It gets worse.

Consultants to the project are Savills, who also made the submission to their close friends, the planners in Hornton Street. The Planning Statement is a master of the fop. The now obligatory GP surgery is included (the go to Trojan Horse, as we saw at Newcombe House) and a nurses training facility. Nice one. There is also an "Extra Care Operating Programme" for the infirm. Prepared by no other than Savills!!! I hope that the care plan for my elderly relatives is prepared by medical experts....

Cleverly, Draycott Nursing Care is named as an operator and there is an organisation chart showing the names of their Director and Nursing Staff. Clever. We need to look at the contract to determine just how kosher it is. Lambs to the slaughter.

The Architects are an American Firm, Kohn Pedersen Fox. Rated by Glassdoor as a not very good organisation to work for. They seem to have fairly limited experience in London (52 Lime Street and the Heron Tower).

It is proving difficult to find out who the promoters are. 

But the Dame's team is digging.

But so far the message is clear. Sup with this crowd at our peril. Why would the Royal Borough do business with "Shoot From The Hip" and "Sexylicious"? Supported by Savills.......

Sunday, 18 February 2018


Andrew and Charlotte Moffat are ex City fund managers.
Foolishly, they decided to try their hand at a bit of high-end property speculation and Chelsea boat moorings ownership

According to the Times and the Daily Mail one of their little projects in Chelsea has got holed below the waterline.
You can read about their welcome plight HERE
£12 million?
The Moffat's bought Cresswell House for £8 million in 2012. They then spent millions buggering it up in the usual tasteless way. 
They have now had to reduce the price from £40 million to £20 million and the lenders now want their money back so have appointed receivers.

French Brothel Style

According to the Mail "Cresswell House failed to sell after it was first put on the market through Knight Frank and Savills in 2016. 
Independent expert Richard Stanley was appointed receiver to the Jersey-based  company when Moffat's lenders ran out of patience"
The Moffats-very keen social climbers and eager to mix with "The Royalty"-ring-fenced the property in Cresswell House Finance Limited.
Let's hope other lenders are getting nervy....
The Islamic bank BLME and financier Christian Candy held shares, according to the Land Registry. 
It is unclear whether the bank put the property into receivership.

Saturday, 17 February 2018


Site plan expanded over railway lines.

The developers are proposing the development of the site of Heythrop College as “care homes”.  The site currently contains the convent and Heythrop College’s student hall of residence which is classified as institutional residential within the social and community use, not housing. The Council’s Local Plan classifies these uses as low-value social and community uses which accords protection from high-value uses such as expensive housing. The site has limited access with only walking access from Kensington Square or the restricted vehicle access via South End, a narrow, cobbled street.

In summary the proposal:
  • would be one of the largest developments proposed in central Kensington in the last ten years – a complex of 150 exclusive retirement flats by a developer who specialises in “the most expensive retirement housing in the country” (The Times, 8 Dec 2017);
  • has been presented as a “care home”/ “extra care housing” for the over 55’s, consisting of 56 one-bedroom units and 94 two-bedroom units, ranging from 31 sqm to 174 sqm, with combined kitchen/dining/living space, separate bedrooms and bathrooms.   Additional facilities include swimming pool, gym, café, concierge and housekeeping services, security – standard for luxury housing.  These self-contained flats would start at £2 million for a one-bedroom flat rising to £9 million for a larger two-bedroom flat.  All are sold with 999-year leases with substantial service charges and care services charged separately;   
  • would involve the building of a raft over the Circle Line for a length of 125 metres to the west increasing the site by one third; and
  • would involve the longest access route ever to a major construction site through residential streets, from Kensington Road to a constrained access at South End.

We have strong reservations about the substance of the proposals, namely:
  • the change of use from social and community uses  to an exclusive, luxury retirement housing scheme;
  • the developer asserts that the proposal is for a “care home”, both for it to qualify as a social and community use rather than housing and so as to avoid providing any affordable housing;
  • there would be no affordable housing and limited other public benefits;
  • the scale of demolition, excavation and the construction of the raft over the railway line and the seven buildings plus two level basements would have a massive impact on all residents in the area.  It is estimated to be a 5-year project which we doubt is achievable due to the access constraints; 
  • the construction traffic management plan estimates constant flows of large vehicles travelling to and from Kensington Road via Victoria Road, St Alban’s Grove and the South End (over 600 metres) requiring parking suspensions along the route because the roads are narrow; and  
  • the increase in both construction time and construction traffic so that the site can be increased by 1/3 over the railway line.
Our conclusion is to oppose the applications, however a few of our members are supportive of the exclusive housing with age restrictions.

We ask that you to review the applications and come to your own opinion.  If you do have any questions or oppose our position, please email  The RBKC website states “public consultation ends “ on the 21 January but objections will be accepted for several weeks following that date.

Yours sincerely,

The Kensington Society


In stark contrast to waste of space, Weale is Sof McVeigh, also standing as a Conservative candidate in Brompton and Hans Town together with Walaa Idris.
There is a ? over Idris as she helped organised the dreadful Lightfoot's Mayoral campaign....but that's water under the bridge and the Dame will give her the benefit of the doubt.
So vote for these two....but, not Weale.

Sof has been involved with a few local charities and is evidently well thought of.
One resident even reported Sof actually takes the trouble to spend evenings knocking on doors to get to know ward issues
Fortunately, these two are hard working and caring so will be able to carry the hopeless Weale.
One seasoned and often cynical councillor was especially complimentary about Sof: mind you he does tend to like pretty 'gals'!


Save the Sutton Estate resolved to oppose the proposed demolition and redevelopment of the Sutton Estate on Cale Street, and the Committee at a recent meeting resolved again to resist the loss of any of the blocks. Affinity Sutton’s planning application was refused 14 months ago, in large part because there would be a reduction in the amount of social housing contrary to the London and Local plans. Clarion (of which Affinity Sutton is a part) appealed the decision in June last year, coincidentally the day of the Grenfell disaster. In an effort to push their plans through with minimum delay, they now propose to bring the amount of social housing floorspace in the new blocks to a figure that meets basic replacement levels (but not actual number of flats) by making minor amendments to the scheme – changing two rows of “mews houses” on the Elystan Street side of the estate to 33 social housing units

The attached flyer LINK invites local residents to a consultation in St. Luke’s Hall this Saturday morning and Monday evening to assess levels of support for the amendments. Visitors will be invited to approve the amendments and results will be used by Clarion to support their case for approval of the entire redevelopment scheme at the Appeal Inquiry to be held in May this year. 
Whatever you think of the significance of the proposed amendments, remember when you respond that if they can show widespread approval of the amendments and they win the appeal, they will continue with demolition of the estate and construction of a new layout of the estate with a block of luxury flats along Cale Street at the top of St. Luke’s Street and a road through the estate nearly opposite the top of Astell Street.

Friday, 16 February 2018


No, she 's not a prison warder from Holloway but if you live in Brompton & Hans Town ward you could be forgiven for not knowing she's Cllr Weale, your long time ward councillor: after all, not only does she live miles away but is never seen in the Ward. As for answering emails...forget it. She doesn't 'do' contact.

Cllr Weale revels in displaying her contempt for residents. 
It was she who famously said of protesting residents,"we hear, but don't listen".
But, having been 'let go' from a job insurance broking Weale managed to wangle a Cabinet job at £45,000 a year.
Evidently, the councillor is not just never seen in her ward but rarely ever in Hornton Street.
If you a Brompton & Hans Town ward voter don't vote for this lazy, insolent woman.


One of the stupidest and most incompetent of local authority leaders was Sir Pooter Cockell. 

K&C council leadership is as dire as it is because Pooter would never appoint anyone whose intelligence would show him up as a dimwit, hence: rule by the mediocre.

Somehow, greasy little Pooter has managed to distance himself from Grenfell. Typical ill-educated little ex-fag salesman.
How on earth did he wangle this job?

City & Financial Global is delighted to announce that the 15th annual edition of its 'UK Infrastructure Policy & Investment Summit' will take place in London on Wednesday 28th March 2018.

We are delighted that Robert Jenrick MP, Exchequer Secretary, HM Treasury, has kindly agreed to give the keynote address.

Other topics that will be covered include:
· The future of private finance in infrastructure post-Carillion
· The role of City Hubs in driving infrastructure delivery
· Labour's plans for PFI projects and the use of private finance
· Prospects for the UK’s major project pipeline
· Evolving models for private sector involvement in Scottish infrastructure
· The latest developments in infrastructure financing and investment
· Key technologies that are transforming infrastructure
· Housing delivery: the need for fundamental answers to fundamental questions
Speakers confirmed to date include:
Robert Jenrick MP, Exchequer Secretary, HM Treasury
Simon Adams, Head of Commercial, Crossrail 2
Sir Mark Boleat, 
Chairman, Housing & Finance Institute

Sir Merrick Cockell, Chairman UK Municipal Bonds Agency & Chairman, London Pensions Fund Authority