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Thursday, 24 May 2018


                                   name and address redacted


Dear Dame,

I understand that in the Great War you were engaged in the espionage business.

Presumably, you have kept up with some of your fellow spooks? After all, you are often been seen furtively entering the Special Forces Club.
 Anyway, enough rambling....
My sources at the very top of the Foreign Office tell me that our MP, Mr Greg Hands once served in Mi6 and can kill with two fingers.

Having looked at his cv it seems quite likely.

I think it’s time he came clean; after all, serving his country in this way should be a ‘badge of honour’

With the Kindest Regards

Majorie P*******y

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Dimwitted Lizzie has appointed her pal, Lady Faulks to dynamise local business. 
If it weren't so tragic it would be hilarious...
This is what Dizzy has to say about her Ladyship's appointment...

"Responsible for economic development in the borough and making Kensington and Chelsea a great place for businesses to thrive. The brief will focus on connecting the opportunities created by the borough’s people, status, and location into tangible and positive outcomes for local residents."

What a load of piffle! One local retailer has over £180,000 tied up in business tax which the Council has held on to knowing it had no reason to do so. And this Conservative government continues to support internet based business with none of the fixed overheads our local retailers endure and who use Luxembourg to minimise tax.
Lady Faulks has not a clue about business but I suppose her cocktail party skills will be useful for all this 'connecting' nonsense.
It's time this Council stopped poking its nose into areas it has no expertise or business to be in.


Hapless Cllr Campbell is announcing her leadership team tonight and it's well-paid jobs for the lacklustre boys and girls!LINK

Jumping with joy are husband and wife team Cllrs Pascal and Addenbrook. They can put any financial problems behind them now that they have hit the jackpot. 
That's the Eton fees sorted
Between them something in the order of £95,000 a year will be pouring into the Pascal household.



It's not just the Council leader who is disrespected'....
'Big Barry' Quirke, the Chief Executive also seems an object of derision by the driver of this RBKC van.


At mid-morning today, on one of the busiest streets by Harrods, a resident spotted a Council van parked for over twenty minutes on double yellow lines. Naturally, it created a serious traffic hazard

When the resident suggested to the driver he was breaking the law and creating chaos the driver laughingly agreed to both points.
He then told the laughing driver he was setting a very bad example and that he would be reported to the Chief Executive. The driver replied, "you go ahead" with a laugh

Maybe Mr. Quirke might like to suggest to the officer supervising this moron that his behaviour not only hinders traffic flow but sets an appalling example.
Eventually, the idiot driver, becoming nervous, moved his van to one of the many free spaces nearby.

Monday, 21 May 2018


Idling engines are killing Londoners, yet the useless 'Khan't do anything right'  who has ultimate control of the black cab trade does nothing.
An idling engine runs at minimal efficiency and throws out a spectrum of highly toxic fumes.

The London cab trade likes to tell us that they are ‘there for Londoners’.
What a load of bovine excreta!

Black cabs are the major contributors to the poisonous cloud that threatens the health of us all-especially, the very young and the old.

All of us have seen queues of black cabs waiting for fares with engines running belching out toxic muck.
When you ask them to cut their engine you get a load of abuse and non-compliance.
Even when they are running about town their poor maintained engines are polluting the streets.
It’s against the law for a vehicle to be stationary with its engine running yet CEO’s are not permitted to tell them they are breaking the law.

It’s time to banish black cabs from our streets: they are no friend of us Londoners; their fares are a rip off and they  slowly and surely poison us. 
The good news is that the new MOT will put a lot of these anti-social idiots off the road.


Friday, 18 May 2018


Dear Dame,
Your tirades against the Council have often spurred it into action but sometimes we resident/leaseholders have to question whether we give the impression of being a bit over-entitled and bolshy for the sake of being bolshy.
For example, I attended a leaseholder meeting last night at Hornton St.
Doug Goldring
A new hope for leaseholders

The audience was confrontational, sceptical and in some instances unnecessarily  petty.... 
What a lot of grumpy moaners we seemed even though the Council had wheeled out some its big guns who bent over backwards to show that the Council had discarded 'it's react/don't proact' strategy and was promoting a complete system overhaul for repair work.
Kim Taylor-Smith seemed genuinely keen to turn a new page and the new Director of Housing, Doug Goldring, who left an impressive legacy at Islington,  spoke with credibility and commitment. 

Yes, the Council has let us down in the past but now might be the time to lay down our swords and work with a leadership keen to work with us.

A Leaseholder

Wednesday, 16 May 2018



Breath of Fresh Air?

My Dear Dame,

What have you against the admirable Cllr Julie Mills? 

Ceaselessly, you write horrid and denigrating stuff about her.
In the view of many of my fellow residents, she is a breath of fresh air. 

Stop knocking a good councillor.

Had Julie not kicked out most of the old guard we might be under Labour control.

It was her dynamic new young councillors that kept the useless Campbell and sidekicks in power.

Time to give Cllr Mills the chance to lead and bring about much-needed change.

A loyal reader