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Friday, 10 June 2011


Cllr Marshall...what are you doing!

There is an inviolate rule that under no circumstances are councillors/tellers allowed within a certain proximity to a polling booth, unless they are authorised to do so. It is a sensible rule designed to prevent voters being pressured in any way. So local resident John Slater was astonished to see Cllr Marshall spending time in the voting Portakabin engaged in earnest conversation with the Returning Officer and his staff. So astonished was Mr Slater by the sight that he took a picture of 'Polo Boy' lounging by the entrance with voters coming in and out. And here it is-not so clear- but should the Returning Officer need a close up it is available.The Dame has seen the close up and it is 'Polo Boy' himself!


  1. Stephen Kingsley10 June 2011 at 05:57

    I had a similar experience at the polling station at Brompton Oratory yesterday when the teller (again a councillor) was inside the polling station. The Brompton Oratory polling station is in a mobile cabin approached by a flight of steps so I had to wait whilst the teller wobbled down the steps before I could go in and cast my vote. Not only do these councillors think they own the place they seem to have a low threshold of boredom (or chronic insecurity) in that they cannot do telling duty without feeling the need for company - even in breach of the rules.

  2. Actually, it is not an inviolate rule that under no circumstances are councillors/tellers or indeed other persons connected to a candidate or party standing for election allowed within a certain proximity to a polling booth.

    If you get your basic electoral law wrong on this matter why should your readership beleive you on other matters?

  3. So are you saying that Cllr Marshall is allowed in the voting booth? We can see you can't spell but surely you can't believe that Cllr Marshall is permitted to stay in the booth?

  4. Has anyway an idea of the % turnout.
    It seems as if there is no enthusiasm on the part of voters in Brompton for taken against the numbers eligible to vote only a small % bothered. Maybe the Dame has thoughts on this. Could it be people are just disenchanted so don't bother to vote. I did not bother. I am disgusted by the leadership

  5. Psephologist.

    The law is quite clear. Tellers are prohibited from entering the polling place. Only workers, police, and voters may enter. The returning officer and is deputies count as workers.

    Candidates and their appointed polling agents may enter provided they remove party rosettes and leaflets especially those that display the candidates name.

    Tellers must not display the candidates name nor distribute leaflets. Importantly they must not obstruct, hinder, nor otherwise impede anyone from entering the polling place to cast their vote.

    Standing inthe doorway is a clear violation.

    Don't lecture the Dame on polling day regulations when she is clearly conversant with not only the letter of the law but also the spirit.

  6. Turn out was around 15%
    Number crunching just now an analysis will be up shortly.

  7. Psephologist.
    I just love the way the Dame puts you back in your box....but are you sure you are not the Driveller? It is the sort of misinformed rubbish that Cllr P loves to clutter up te blog with.
    More power to the saintly Dame

  8. However way you look at it, Marshall should not be in a voting booth. We can be pedantic about spellings, exact wordings of rules etc, but it's just plain morally WRONG!

    Marshall and the electoral officers in the booth should be given an official warning. Unfortunately this is K&C (Kensington & Cockell) where unfortunately the Conservatives rule the roost so nothing will happen.

    Congratulations to Mosley. Through connections he's secured a safe seat in this rotten borough...

  9. Councillor Mosely. You couldn't make it up. Nothing personal of course. For all we know, the young man may be a raging democrat. My late lamented father always said the proudest day of his life was spent fighting on the side of light at the Battle of Cable Street. Lest we forget.

  10. I have been a Conservative supporter since voting age, however for the first time in my life I voted for another party in the Brompton election. I am sick of reading about Cockell and the rest of his cronies lining their pockets at the expense of K&C council tax payers - Upper class flights to New York, a brand new Bently, double jobbing, the list goes on...

    When the wider electorate in K&C (especially the elderly who are on fixed incomes) start learning about this disgusting misuse of our money there will be a backlash of voters.

    The Conservatives at K&C should be seriously worried if they're not already... I reckon the national press are trawling over the accounts at K&C using FOI requests.

    I am sure what this blog exposes is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I guarantee Cockell's days are numbered so he'll need to be looking for a second job ASAP. Moylan has wisely already jumped ship to Boris.

  11. Sad to say that earlier in the day Cllr Tim Coleridge was also hanging around beside the entrance, chatting and being friendly as people came in.

    This was not a party; this was an election. People don't appreciate the confusion.

  12. This is an election, and it is nothing whatsoever to do with councillors of any party.

    Just because polling stations are staffed by council workers does not give any councillor the right to stroll in and exchange pleasantries with anyone inside the polling station.

    They are NOT allowed anywhere inside the polling station unless they are a polling agent or casting a vote. Being a councillor conveys no rights.

    Any one who sees councillors doing this should call the Police immediately.

  13. Actually by your answer you have admitted that you are wrong.


    "Candidates and their appointed polling agents may enter provided they remove party rosettes and leaflets especially those that display the candidates name."

    I never said that he should be allowed in a polling booth.

    You seem to have a very thin skin as have the other people who have commented.

    What I was trying to say, but on reflection I probably came in a little strong, was that to imply that there is a complete prohibition is wrong.

    The Presiding Officer should have ascertained if Cllr. Marshall fell into any of the exemptions and if he didn't asked him to leave the precincts of the polling station.

  14. Psephologist

    If you think by simply repeating the same baseless fact wouldvsuddenky render it correct then it is you that is mistaken. While it is not impossible for the Hornet to be wrong, it's not likely, but she would always admit to it if it were the case.

    Hornet does not admit to being wrong in this case.

    Marshall is photographed standing astride the doorway to the polling place. The law is quite clear that anyone telling or similarly connected to the process may not hinder impede or otherwise obstruct a voter. Granted Marshall isn't as amply proportioned ad the cheesecake eater but he is still not allowed to stand in the doorway of the polling station.

    What part of "impede, hinder, or otherwise obstruct" do you not understand? You clearly are hung up on inviolate so you should know these.

    Maybe you have an issue with being told what to do? Did you have an uncomfortable time as a youth or at school?

    Similar violations were reported elsewhere by other councillors who believe by virtue of them being a councillor can do what they want regardless.

    Well, they can't. And the Hornet is going to see to it.


  15. How dose hornet know Cllr Marshall was not appointed as a Polling Agent or that he may have been casting his vote.

  16. If you are casting a vote you go in, vote and leave.
    If you are a polling agent you do not obstruct the entrance.

    It is clear the boy was chatting to election staff and in so doing should have been told not to.

    Too many councillors think they can do what they want when they want how they want.

    Dress it up how you wish, stir the murky waters with definitions to cloud the water. Marshall isbang to rights on this. The photo doesn't lie.


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