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Monday, 6 June 2011

Moylan pips Cockell to the post in Councillor Rich List

It looks like Danny Boy Moylan has pipped Dear Leader to the post in the Councillor Rich List....
It could be just idle, spiteful gossip but the source is generally highly reliable and The Dame cannot keep the news from you. No wonder Danny looks so pleased with himself in this pic...
Danny Boy has squeezed a huge pay rise from BoJo. Up from £60,000 to £115,000 for four days' a week's worth of sycophancy and flattery. Pro rata that would be £143,750 - more than the PM at £142,500
According to the Sunday Mirror (which I imagine none of you read), his £10,597 Cllr allowance plus £6,000 as a member of the London Waste and Recycling Board takes his income up to £134, 597.
Wise heads are wondering what he can be having to do to. He was heard on LBC radio on Saturday morning singing the praises of Boris J but there must be more to the vast salary than that.
But seriously, times are tough and when we see councillors picking up these sorts of allowances we have to seriously wonder whether Eric Pickles is just all hot air. Whatever happened to pro bono public service?

1 comment:

  1. This can't be true, noooooo!

    We are told Boris Johnson is a man of intelligence; whyever would he hitch his wagon to Danny Boy (oh dear, what an unpleasant image that conjures up!).


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