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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Get A Move On Cllr Coleridge!

It would seem that the Dame's piece on leadership has caused quite a few ripples. The Dame's various researchers have been taking more soundings from various 'in the know' types.
Jonathon Read, who the Dame speculated upon as being someone to take seriously will need wait a couple more years until he has wangled his way to into the Cabinet.
Still 'thinking outside the cabinet' bought one or two other surprises. There is much support and affection for Cllr Victoria Borwick. Well done Mrs Borwick...your commitment and hard work has not gone unremarked.
However, the biggest and best surprise is the huge wellspring of support for Cllr Coleridge.
According to one highly influential Dame confidante Tim Coleridge ticks all the boxes.
He has integrity; is tremendously well liked and knows how to lead and inspire people. OK.... he may not have a Double First in Quantum Physics but then nor has Pooter!
Coleridge For Leader!
 We hope that Tim will take up the challenge. He has nothing to lose but his Special Responsibility Allowance....Pooter has cruel punishments for those who attempt to usurp him and wrestle his £70k pa off him. Those with long memories will remember that when Tim stepped out of line over Sloane Square he was cast into utter darkness and deprived of the Mayoralty for a year.
Come on Cllr Coleridge....the people of this Borough need a change and they need it now.


  1. I agree Dame....he is a gent and courteous to all and sundry. Anyway, he can be no worse than the current incumbent

  2. His family owned a Llyods Agent which lost £ millions for many K&C residents and caused huge suffering for many "names". Of course Tim had nothing to do with this, but some dedicated public service as Leader of K&C would help to balance the books a bit

  3. Coleridge is a gentleman and very nice person. He is, however, a hopeless manager. When he was chairman of the Association he could not even manage the Agent. His performance on the Standards Committee was a disaster. He cannot take difficult discussions and he would be a disaster as a leader. Borwick is the clear and, probably only, choice.

  4. Unfortunately the comments of 21.43 ring true. Coleridge is one of those "terribly nice people" one just loves to have around you.

    Born with a silver spoon he has had the best. But never managed to do anything. Not capable of it.

    And K&C is not there for learning on the job. We need to find a person with a track record that is coupled to honesty and integrity. None of which can be said of the current Leader

  5. When Leaders stay too long (aka Cockell) and develop a dictatorship (aka Cockell) and fail to develop talent (aka Cockell) then one ends up with the sorry mess that we see in Hornton Street today.

    The sooner the boil is lanced, the better

  6. Retired Chief Executive10 February 2012 at 10:12

    Succession planning is a major responsibility of any Leader. There is little evidence of this in K&C.

    Democracy is supposed to prevent despots from happening. Hornton Street has had a bad run

  7. Cllr Cockell has had a single minded focus on succession planning for the last 14 years.

    The plan is "me, Cockell"

  8. Quite right to mention the Lloyds connection,19.51

    Sturge was filled with smooth talking individuals whose clutch was worse than death. Funny thing is these same individuals walked away rich and continued to support themselves and their families in the manner to which they had become accustomed.

    Gentleman crooks are a dangerous crowd and Llyods was full of them

  9. Retired Chief Executive10 February 2012 at 11:28

    It is very difficult to follow Despots or Great Leaders. Usually an interim Leader emerges before steady state can be re established

  10. Person Familiar With The Situation10 February 2012 at 14:25

    Cllr Cockell is briefing against Cllr Borwick

  11. Cockell is scared. He thinks someone wants 'his job' and he needs the money to support his lifestyle.

  12. The problem with Etonians is that they make a profession out of "being charming". Which they are very good at.

    Unfortunately they rarely stand for anything - ultimate fair weather people.

    A shame

  13. We call them EEE

    East End Etonians....


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