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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Olympic Shopping

The Dame is an inveterate shopper so anything to do with retail grabs her interest.
She also knows how hard retailers struggle in the harsh retail climate of today, so she was interested to read about the Kensington High Street Retail Forum. The Forum exists to help retailers take advantage of all business boosting opportunities.
The next meeting of the Forum is at 10.00am, this Friday, the 3rd of February at the Town Hall.

Suzel Pitty, the Council's 2012 Coordinator is going to be there to brief up local business on what it needs be aware to take full advantage of the Olympics. It is a terrific opportunity to hear how the Olympics will affect Kensington High Street. So do go along and encourage others to do so. You may even have the pleasure of seeing the Dame sitting discreetly at the back......
Further info from Jo Hammond Neighbourhood Planning Team Leader


  1. Dame. I do hope to see you at the official opening of Exhibition Road. I do know that Pooter really wanted you to be there so that you could put a good word in for him with Boris. It could help with his peerage.

  2. 09.28
    Thank you: you are correct.You may have read that the Dame received an invitation from her new best friend, Sir Pooter. She has a busy day but will try to hitch a ride on the White Mechanical Elephant.
    The Dame's Diary Secretary


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