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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Your Turn Ahern

Time now for us to meet Cllr Tim Ahern. Like 'Boys' Moylan he
hails from the Emerald Isle, but the similarity ends there.....
An Amplefordian he could be viewed as a safe pair of hands. 
Maybe tainted by over weaning loyalty to Pootin
Is not a 'taker' putting up his own money during his Mayoralty.



  1. Another one who wants the job badly. But too timid to make the move. Has been on Cockell's coat tails for a decade and is waiting for the signal.

    If he hangs around much longer his "moment" will pass and the young pretender (pretty boy Rock) will suddenly be in the frame

  2. With all due respect some of us are getting a little bored with your preoccupation with the tired and self serving old guard, who are part of the problem in allowing Cockell to overstay his welcome. How about a fresh face and an outsider as challenger? I want to out forward the redoubtable Victoria Borwick.

  3. YES, YES, YES VICTORIA for leader!

  4. Another Anthony Eden. Hung around for ages for Churhill to move aside and became a neutered gofer. With disastrous consequences when old age and infirmity finally created the job vacancy.

    Churchill hung on, and on, and on, and on...

  5. Cllr Ahern has broad experience in Hornton Street and has held down a number of cabinet positions. He is free in gossip about the shortcomings of the present administration and believes that the current SRA system is out of control and is unhealthy.

    In a first "leadership" move he has made it clear that development planning in the Borough has been "too developer friendly". A statement that will resonate with many residents.

    As an Irish catholic he has a conscience - important for tackling the many issues in North Kensington.

  6. Campden Ward Resident29 February 2012 at 11:30

    Ahern can be quite dogged when he gets the bit between his teeth. For example his determination to prevent the Wycombe Square developers from making it a gated community.

  7. Kensington Resident29 February 2012 at 11:32

    The big planning challenge for the next Leader will be the massive redevelopment of Notting Hill Gate that is planned by Pears Group. What is the Ahern position on this?

  8. Ahern needs some clever people around him to help frame policy and chart a new direction.

  9. For all of his success in business and the privileged life that he leads Tim still has a bit of chip on his shoulder about his "Irishness". Leadership of K&C would be a huge fillip and he would be motivated to "live up to the job"


  10. Kensington Resident29 February 2012 at 11:37

    On occasion I have prodded Cllr Ahern quite hard and been very rude. He has always engaged in dialogue and been very courteous.

    And he listens.

  11. There is nothing like a bit of success to fuel a campaign strategy.

    What has Cllr Ahern done about the shock closure of the Campden Ward doctor's surgery?

  12. As an Irish catholic he has a conscience - important for tackling the many issues in North Kensington.

    29 February 2012 11:28

    Not sure that this signifies anything.
    His compatriots, Martin Macguinness and Gerry Adams are both Irish Catholics....and don't forget his ex Cabinet colleague Danny Boy Moylan, another Irish Catholic

  13. Cllr Ahern made it clear that he considered the mad hat Holland park School project to be a nonsense. Conveniently for him he stepped away from the conflict to do his year as Mayor. So we never found out if he had the balls to represent the views of his residents in Campden Ward (violently against the waste of money and loss of the school playground)in the Town Hall. Dangerous because this was the personal vanity project of Cllr Cockell

  14. The mad hat school scheme was also championed by Cllr Buckmaster, another Campden Ward councillor. Buffy was having a "senior moment" and puffed up with his own importance. Instead of representing his residents views he wrote to Cllr Cockell to say that "the dogs are barking". Furious residents, on hearing of this arrogance, tried to have him deselected as a Ward councillor

  15. Holland Park School was a sad episode. The views of residents suppressed ruthlessly.

    Of course all Wards have three councillors. With Ahern conveniently out of the way as Mayor and Buckmaster having his "senior moment", only Cllr Freeman was left. Robert faithfully listened to his residents and pressed their view. He was ruthlessly sidelined by Cllr Cockell, ridiculed, and banned from holding office. Confined to oblivion.

    The other poodles watched carefully and learned their lessons

  16. Interesting how Cockell decides that he dislikes councillors who he cannot "buy".

    The treatment of Cllr Freeman is reminiscent of the briefing against Cllr Borwick that Cockell and his sidekick Palmer are currently engaged in

  17. Ahern has good instincts. He was strongly opposed to the Bentley and said that the Jag worked very well for him as Mayor.

    Worrying that he did not fight this battle with Cockell because there was wide spread Conservative feeling against the ridiculous indulgence.

    Cockell steam roller-ed the decision to buy the Bentley through the Conservative Group. Not long afterwards he started using the Mayor's car himself in order to "save taxi fares"

    Its the House that Cockell Built

  18. Cllr Freeman and Cllr Borwick are seen as damaged goods by the ruling court of Cockell. And the poodles yap to their Master's voice.

    But maybe, just maybe, one of them might be the thing we need just now.

    Cllr Borwick, an independent minded person, parked the Hornton Street politics and jumped into the Mayor for London race. She came a strong second to Boris, which surprised quite a few, and proved that she is her own person.

  19. I hope that 11.11 is not comparing Pooter to Churchill.

    An SRA would be on offer for this flattery. But the comparison is obviously absurd


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