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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Times on the Good Life and Danny 'Boys' Moylan

London politics is a rich life. You just have to look at our 'businessman' Pootin Cockell to see that.
After years in the job Pootin won't move on. Why?.... Simple answer.. it's £130,000 a year.
Prior to hitting the local government jackpot, Pootin struggled to make end meet at his-now defunct- import/export business. Situated in an  unsalubrious basement under the Conservative Association offices in Chelsea Manor Street, Pooter and his partner sold odds, sods and cigs into West Africa: hardly, a prestige head office for the multinational trading concern he boasted of running!
But in the Sunday Times today we find that Pooter is not alone.
The Dame's old friend, Cllr Danny 'Boys'Moylan is featured in an article headlined, " Boris's Top Team Laps Up The Good Life"

Danny 'Boys', who has a very pretty pad in Thailand, is shown to be earning £121,000 a year doing four days a week as deputy chairman of Transport for London.

Moylan..pretty pad in Thailand
He is also collecting £10,500 a year as a RBK&C councillor for Queensgate so one assumes his RBK&C duties are just a day a week: a fair assumption-as The Sunday Times say that he has three more directorships with Glanmore Investments and two associated ventures. It seems the property fund would really have wiped out the Dame's little portfolio!!

Performance of the underlying Glanmore Property Fund
Total Return % *
Last 12 Months -16.65%
Last 2 Years -19.82%
Last 3 Years -66.48%
Last 4 Years -83.76%
Last 5 Years -83.00%
Since Launch -56.33%
Compound Annual Return -5.46%

Source: Lipper Hindsight 31/01/2012
Oh, yes she forgot...he is also a member of the London Waste and Recycling Board.

Some suggest Moylan might try try to return as RBK&C leader-should Boris fall under one of his buses' or fail to beat Ken. That would be the stuff of nightmares.
Moylan is a bullyboy. RBK&C councillors should remember that the Cockell administration has reduced the Council to the status of a laughing stock. Replacing him with Moylan would do great and  further damage.
Local Government guru and LSE professor, Tony Travers, suggests that these sorts of job tripling are not good practice, if they add up to a full time job.That appears to be the case with Mr Moylan.


  1. Suddenly the world is waking up to the fact that there is a new class of parasite (cockamoyli) that feeds off the public sector purse in multiple bites.

    This form of parasite is particularly virulent in local Government. And central London is the place where these pests flit most easily between the honey pots

    A principal characteristic of the parasite is that they reproduce in secret and have discovered how to survive while ratcheting up their SRA's on an annual basis. But they have become so bloated that the press is starting to take an interest and their cover is blown

  2. Cockell (Local Government Association, K&C, London Councils), Moylan (TFL, K&C, Waste Disposal), and Ritchie (HOL, K&C, London Councils) are all pristine specimens of cockamoyli.

    Under the microscope they exhibit a tendency to shrivel

  3. I thought it impossible to lose that much money in! Well done, Danny Boy. You certainly know what you are doing!

  4. 18.47, please tell us what this is about?

  5. Moylan disrespects local Councillors and residents in the north of the Rotten Borough.
    A bully and a disgrace.

  6. An earlier example from the Dame of how Moylan treats his fellow Councillors.
    Moylan is a bully and a disgrace!

  7. £10,500 one day per week! I doubt the residents of Queensgate even know who he is.

    Do any of these councillors have to prove what they have actually done for their residents and the Royal Borough as a whole? It seems to me like money for nothing with no accountability.

    It is also a bit rich when this government is expecting families to be able to completely live on £26,000 per year and then allow this sort of bleeding of the system to continue to happen in local authorities.

    The whole thing is completely and utterly disgraceful and really no different to benefit fraud.

  8. The idea that families need £26k per year to live is a joke.

    About 40% of the population, the pensioners, live on less than £9k per year.

    £26k is actually a HUGE amount of money

  9. 19.12
    The property fund Moylan is a non exec director of

  10. I have seen on this site references to Cllr Ritchie which to say the least are not very flattering. So I would just like to tilt the scales in Cllr Ritchies direction. Cllr Ritchie spearheaded the development of services that now benefit some of the most vulnerable families in the Borough and she has managed to maintain these services through the current difficult time. There are many families in the most deprived areas of this Borough who would not agree with the comments made on this site about Cllr Ritchie. Now Dame before you and your supporters get cross, I am not a member of any political party, I do not work for the council and I dont have a great deal of time for the majority of the elected members of this Borough.

  11. We have refrained from commenting upon Cllr Ritchie until she recovers: which we hope will be very soon.
    Our point has always been that this councillor has been substantially overpaid comparative to her experience and skill sets.
    To suggest...
    "Ritchie spearheaded the development of services that now benefit some of the most vulnerable families in the Borough" rather diminishes the huge hard work and strategic vision of the Executive
    Director, someone whose vast experience has led to her appointment as Chief Executive of Barnados,

  12. I'm sorry HornetsNest you are wrong about the Executive Director you refer to, let's just say that I was close to the coal face. Some of the decisions resulting in the services I previously referred to we're taken against the advice and protestations of officers and directors. Let me just say that without Cllr Ritchie services would not be what they are. You may not be happy with her skill and experience, but the fact is she delivers for some of the most needy in this Borough.

  13. 01:25
    With the greatest respect the Hornets Nest has close to 87,000 unique visitors.You have to agree it is odd that of those 87,000 only one-you...suggests that it was Cllr Ritchie, rather than the Executive Director, who is the hero of the hour.

  14. This thread is about Cllr Moylan. I was unaware of the gentleman till I had cause to phone him. Within a minutes I recognized him as one of the most unpleasant & discourteous people in London. Having come across him half a dozen times since, this impression has strengthened. He is a vicious bully towards anyone he believes vulnerable. He must also be the only professional in K & C who fails to make money from property.

  15. Sick or otherwise, Cllr Ritchie has been a member of Cockell's "sponge" club

    Confirmed as a "cockamoyli"

  16. 9:02 is correct.
    Moylan is a bully and a thug who disrespects residents. Disgrace.

  17. There is an expressed based upon the fact that some horses can't eat oats as it makes them aggressive and dangerous to ride. It was decribed as, "can't take oats"and was also applied to those, like Moylan, who could not handle a little bit of power

  18. "This thread is about Cllr Moylan. I was unaware of the gentleman"
    One assumes you use the term, gentleman, very loosely in Moylan's case. Gentleman he is not

  19. HornetsNest 02:09 I would not say that the Executive Director was the hero of the hour but you have your reasons, so let's agree to differ.

  20. As the one who introduced into this discourse the misleading concept that Cllr Moylan is a "gentleman" I accept the correction of my misstatement and apologise. Cllr Moylan is a bully.

  21. 14:17
    I agree. In any case whilst the lady is unwell I prefer that she be left in peace to get well. And we sincerely wish her a speedy recovery

  22. Moylan is a breath of fresh air , you plebs need to wake the fuck up

  23. 18:30
    One does not wish to be a snob but Mr'Boys' Moylan is a Birmingham Irish bus driver's son from a very working class backkground. Nothing wrong with that but it is sad that he needs to take intensive elocution lessons to disguise the fact.I think he would admit that his background is very plebian: in fact he is the most common councillor on RBK&C and really does not fit in!

  24. I suppose when one is as brutish looking like Moylan one develops an inferiority complex


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