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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cllr Cockell's LGA Diary

Pooter's LGA Diary
A few councillors and residents are asking a highly pertinent question....." how much time is Cllr Cockell spending serving the interests of residents of RBK&C".... after all we pay him nearly £70,000 a year for his supposed 5 day week...and his chunky pension, entertaining and travel. When Pooter screwed the huge RBK&C allowance he claimed he was working full time so is that still his position?
We also know he is collecting £55,000 from the LGA. We need to look at Pooter's LGA diary and work out who is getting what in terms of  his hugely valuable time.
Ludo, the Dame's newly appointed research head has suggested some civic minded person might put in an FOI to the LGA asking for a copy of Pooter's will be revealing reading.
Below is the FOI request address. You just mark it for the attention of FOI.


  1. So Cockell is really ripping us off....
    I would not mind paying someone clever this money but Cockell is a not just thick, but a business failure

  2. Have a look at the agendas from Councillor Forums at LGA website - - each month they list some, but undoubtably not all of his activities as Chairman.


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