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Friday, 4 May 2012

Cockell'sTroughing Mates-Convict Clement & Creepy Coleman Get Just Desserts

There is justice in the world. Thank goodness right has prevailed and the awful Coleman sent on his way. Tory Brian Coleman loses seat to Labour
Now he can spend more time with his mum

The Dame was delighted to have been able to put the spotlight on his £1000 lunch with Cockell and buddies. Taxpayers can be grateful that he will no longer be able to claim his £130k plus allowance.
Luncher Coleman gets a dessert he doesn't like!


  1. Another victory for the Dame. Very satisfying to watch some of the trough-snorters sent on their way.

    Who's next on the list?

  2. Fantastic news. Odious people have no place in public life

  3. Democracy is really swinging in many parts of the country. Many seats changing hands in the local elections (exactly as it should be) and local parties forced to re examine their relationship with residents.

    And the occasional monster like Coleman given his marching orders.

    It is only poor old K&C that is stuck in a time warp dictatorship

  4. Boris in by a whisper thin majority. What a reckless set of appointments he made (the last was Coleman) that no doubt cost him dearly at the ballot box.

    It is to be hoped that he will learn his lesson

  5. Don't hold your breath 9.32!

  6. Thank heavens for the Tories that Labour were silly enough to field the dreadful Ken

  7. Now Merrick has lost one of his favourite 'lads who lunch'.

    Whoever will he share the taxpayer's booty with now? I hear he cut a sad figure at the count, all by himself, no supporters.

  8. K&C residents should reflect on the fact that the Dame is building an enviable reputation for exposing trash and cleaning up public life in K&C. And occasionally elsewhere. Phelps has gone, Lamont was put down, Cockell's expense abuse has stopped, the Bentley is once more being used for what it was intended for, Cannock and Coleman are diminished persons, and the Hornet is feared in Hornton Street. And much more.

    But there is still plenty of unfinished business.

  9. Officers at City Hall breathed a huge sigh of relief as soon as the news of Coleman's defeat came through. The Fire Brigade are planning a huge celebration.

  10. Ex colleagues are rejoicing too

  11. A blight has been lifted from the affairs of London. The corridors of City Hall are blowing with fresh air

    What liberating news this is.


    A plague has departed

  13. Let's hope that Cockell gets the same treatment sooner rather than later.

  14. Let's not forget that Cockell has "form". It was the awful Ian Clement, disgraced ex Cllr Clement, that Cockell entertained to a slap up $416 dinner at Keanes Restaurant in New York and charged it up to tax payers. Oysters and champagne to start.

    Both men were on tax paid jollies to the Big Apple and spending like there was no tomorrow.

    Cockell of course had become accustomed to his New York frolics. On a different visit he also entertained a "friend" to a $200 dinner at The Four Seasons in New York and charged up to tax payers. When challenged he claimed to "forget" who the friend was.

    The Dame found out about the scams using FOI and exposed the abuse. Clement was subsequently sacked by Boris after he was convicted (yes, convicted) for using his City Hall expense card (paid for by tax payers) for personal use (dinners for his mistress and spare parts for his Jaguar)

    Rats nest

  15. Very interesting photo of ex Clllr Coleman. Lots of inner conflicts. Just like Cllr Moylan

  16. 21.10 Coleman is still very much a Cllr and a Cabinet Member in Barnet.

    It will be interesting to see how the Conservatives do in a by election in Barnet in 3 1/2 weeks time...

  17. Anonymous 21.10.

    How like Moylan?

  18. If you know one of them,19.16, (and I think that you do), then you know the other

  19. Best to avoid them both at all times


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