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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Barry Phelps Returns To The Fold?

The Dame was thrilled to be at the mayoral retiring party in the Parlour.  She even got a bit tipsy making rather an exhibition of herself dancing excitedly to the Jamaican steel band.  Sadly, she was unable entice Pooter onto the dance floor..... But enough of the Dame....  Cllr Mills has proven a popular Mayor.  Her successor, Danny 'Boys' Moylan's chum, 'Buffy' Buckmaster will be a very different mayor. I understand Anderson and Sheppard are busy running up a new morning coat for him so he can meet the 'Royalty' with equanimity.....such a terrible old snob!   The Dame also managed to catch up with Pooter Cockell's boss, Mr Myers. The Dame was shocked to see how plump he had become. Her suggestion that perhaps a few tennis lessons might be in order was met with a glacial stare....   But the big surprise of the evening was the surprise appearance of ex Cllr Phelps-replete with his Mayoral medal!   Barry was forced out by Mr Myers for using the council email system to send out emails of young boys with lewd captions.  You may imagine Pooter and Mr Myers were none to keen to socialise with the disgraced old reprobate-particularly as an interest in under age lads has become rather a theme of the Rotten Borough! Could Barry be plotting his return to power and is this the beginnings of his rehabilitation?  Or maybe he just gatecrashed. Here is a pic of Barry
The Unwelcome Ghost At The Feast


  1. Oh no.

    I thought he had died

  2. Angry Resident10 May 2012 at 18:41

    More lack of judgement in Hornton Street. They do not give a toss about standards of decency and the correct behaviour.

    How can they boot Phelps out of office for filthy behaviour and then invite him back to the Mayor's Parlour to partake of food, music and dancing?

    Yet again Cockell is waving two fingers to the muppets and making the point that it his show on his terms. Even for deviates

    Or maybe it is those photographs that Phelps threatens to circulate. Could Pooter be worried by the threat?

  3. This is the third time since he was fired that disgraced ex Cllr Phelps has been entertained in the Town Hall at the tax payers expense.

    Total lack of judgement by the Leader. But of course this is no surprise to anyone.


  4. Does Cockell have no shame?

    When will Derek Myers start to enforce standards of behaviour in public life? He signs off Cockell's dinner bills for "friends" in New York on Saturday night and entertains and rubs shoulders with the filth Phelps at Town Hall parties. At the end of the day it is Myers who approves the entertainment bill and Myers who has the final say on the guest list.

  5. What about the Chief of Protocol, Martin Carver?

    He needs a rocket or three up the back side

  6. Follower of Phelps10 May 2012 at 18:51

    Odd how Phelps dares to show his face in the Town Hall after his exposure for sending lewd pictures of young boys on the Council computer system. Clearly he has no shame.

    He never even showed any regret for his filth. Stated it was "art"


  7. The clique that controls Hornton Street is as distanced from the concept of the duty it owes RBKC council taxpayers, as the Versailles clique were distanced from the plight of the Paris poor. That is - till the Revolution. Even in K & C, the Revolution will inevitably come; via the ballot box.

  8. I would have thought that Cockell would have no say on whether Phelps was invited to this or not

    Surely its up to the Past Mayors...

  9. It is the House That Cockell Built.

    The occupiers have lost sight of what is right and what is wrong. It is all "me, me, me". Anything goes. And everyone seems to ignore the most blatant abuse.

    And time and again the Leader sets a bad example which the poodles imitate and follow

  10. Well lets be frank 18.54. Mayor Weatherhead and Mayor Mills both welcomed the rat to their leaving do.

    Last year there was a protest from outraged residents. As usual it was ignored. Silly Mayor Mills welcomed the rat again this year

  11. It is just another example of the putrid and decaying Cockell administration

    The smell gets worse by the day

  12. Absolutely Disgusting, I sincerely hope Cockell and his mob are not 'grooming him' for election hoping people have forgotten his behaviour.

    Complete disgrace, Mills should have known better than to allow this.

  13. How ironic that Phelps might be selected to stand as a prospective Conservative councillor, and I presume, for the Brompton ward, made vacant by the death of his old friend, Shireen Ritchie, the "champion" of vulnerable adults and children.


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