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Monday, 3 September 2012


Pushy and self important  Cllr Jonathon P Read 
says residents who don't like vast basements excavations are boring and atrophying geriatrics living in the past. Clearly these old bores want to stop ultra rich bankers from their rat like activities building multi level basements under the Rotten Borough.
Brainbox Read's self promoting blurb tells us 

.......he started his career at Goldman Sachs, and has worked at other investment banks including Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch. His experience spans credit, rates, and foreign exchange, and includes both developed markets and the emerging markets of Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.
His focus has been on financial assets and derivatives, including credit (illiquid, structured, corporate and emerging markets), interest rates (interest rate swaps, local markets) and foreign exchange. In addition, he has been responsible for the development of several innovative hybrid products that provide risk transfer solutions to less liquid risk factors, such as longevity derivatives, life settlements, and portfolio correlation products.

It is interesting to read the Daily Mail article describing the nightmare created by one Goldman Sachs banker. The Dame would never suggest Read knows this particular banker CRACKERS BANKER
but he has a dual conflict of interest...his client base is largely made up of ultra rich bankers and such people give not a damn about the nuisance they cause their 'geriatric and atrophying neighbours'.
Read also happens to be a member of a planning committee.....

Read Read's crude response to Bore's perfectly reasoned letter below. 

Dear Mr Bore:
It is my view, and that of many of my residents, that we require fewer restrictions  on property rights, and that – rather than additional restrictions – we require less, and certainly no new ones.
Our planning policies are oppressive and  premised upon a framework that is of limited objective merit. They lead to unintended consequences and shameful perverse outcomes, incurring unwarranted costs on property owners.
I am unsure of your view of my opinions, but I assure you that they represent a large proportion of the electrorate.
I have no doubt that your email will result in glowing paeons from the usual kneejerk older residents and RA’s, but I must assure you that they are in no way representative of our entire population,  and we shame ourselves by our slavish attention to the protestations of this minority.
Our planning and housing policies are past their expiry date, and represent the view of a gerontocracy: they must, and will, change or we shall atrophy.
Cllr. Jonathon P Read
Read is clearly attempting to take over from Danny 'Boys' Moylan as resident bullyboy:at least Danny 'Boys' has a certain charisma....Read has had a bypass in that area......

Dear Ward Councillors
You may be aware that the Council is in the process of reviewing both the policies within the Core Strategy which relate to basement development and our Subterranean Development Supplementary Planning Document. 
It is the Core Strategy which is the starting point for officers (and members of the relevant Planning Committees) when considering the appropriateness of a basement development. As such it is essential that these policies are working as intended. The policies within the Core Strategy are ‘supplemented’ by the detailed guidance within the SPD. The review of the two documents, must therefore, be carried out in tandem.
The first stage of this review, an issues paper seeking stakeholder’s views on the main issues that should be addressed, ran between 25thApril and 8th June 2012. This paper can be viewed hereThe next stage will be the publication (for a six week consultation period) of the Council’s draft Core Strategy policy on basements. This will be issued alongside details of the contents of an amended SPD, and, where necessary, details of how the Council’s procedures will be altered to take account of emerging policy. The draft policy is expected to be issued at the beginning of December.
In order to inform this review the Council is carrying out a survey of the impacts of basement development that has taken place in the Borough in the last few years. This survey has three elements:
·         survey of those who live in properties which have benefited from planning permission for a basement;
·         survey for those neighbours who have been consulted with regard these planning permissions; and
·         a more qualitative survey to residents’ associations seeking details of the range of impacts that basements may have had.
Further details are available online.     
Given that this is a large survey which will involve contacting some nine thousand residents and residents’ associations it is possible that there may be a degree of interest from your constituents. This mail out will take place today (the 31st August).  
Kind regards
Jonathan Bore
Executive Director


  1. I would have thought that all Bankers in London, especially Goldman Sachs Bankers, would be keeping a low profile. They screwed up the world economy and now one of their ex Prats is intent on screwing up K&C

  2. Good grief! I do hope his residents read this appalling comment from Read. Whatever does the 'P' stand for? Petulant?

    He shouldn't be allowed on Planning with such extreme views; he is supposed to be open-minded, like a jury, and leave preconceptions behind him.

    Talk about deterministic!

  3. Muppet is quite right. Mr Read is a self promoting Councillor in the mould of Cllr Moylan. K&C is unfortunate that it attracts this type of person to public service on the Tory benches

  4. The idiot Cllr Palmer got a busted lip when an overwrought resident punched him in the face. Read must be next in line

  5. You know a man by his friends. Read seems to be in the company of Moylan and Palmer - this is a health warning to all men of goodwill

  6. Stand Up For Britain3 September 2012 at 11:47

    A man should be able to dig out his basement when he wants to. And to protest against the influx of foreign people - even bankers

  7. The House That Cockell Built

  8. 11:47
    The majority of Cllr Read's clients are 'foreign people'
    I don't think this grasping little man will wish to ban them!

  9. Mr Read does not have a profile of Registered Interests on the Council website. He and the Council are breaking the law. What is he trying to conceal?

    Could it be that he has a basement conversion in mind?

  10. 11.45 you are incorrect. Mr Read has declared his interests. He owns a house in Addison Road. It could do with a basement expansion

  11. I just checked the Members Interests and note that at long last Cllr Marshall has admitted that he has left UBS. But he is still coy about his home. "I own a flat in the Borough". Why so secretive?

  12. What a plonker

  13. Councillor Read is another ghastly individual that Sir Merrick encourages to represent the interests of the residents of RBK&C. Councillor Read is a pompous a**e in my view.

  14. Another low life from Goldman Sachs. The ego of these unfortunate people knows no bounds. And the residents of K&C are unfortunate enough to be lumbered with one of them.

    In Mr Read's opinion K&C is full of geriatrics and old bores but this is what he has chosen to represent and he has a duty to do so. Anything less and he is failing in his duty. If the geriatrics and old bores are not to his liking he is free to go elsewhere. And he should most certainly be considering his position.

  15. Mr Read's Ward Chairman needs to have a quiet word with him.

  16. Retired Chief Executive3 September 2012 at 12:45

    Mr Bore, The Director of Planning for Kensington and Chelsea, has published a new policy with regard to basement developments. This has been endorsed by the Cabinet Member for Planning (Cllr Ahern) and is the policy of the Cabinet and the Borough.

    Cllr Read is of course entitled to his personal opinions but he cannot take a public stand against the policy and also continue as a member of the Planning Committee.

    It is also not possible for Mr Read to describe his residents, that he was elected to represent, as old and geriatric and at the same time continue to represent them. He should be asked to resign

  17. Lord K, I think the Chief Whip needs to have a LOUD word with him. He should be taken off this committee immediately. No one could possibly imagine they will get a fair hearing after this outburst.

  18. Mr Read represents Earl's Court! Heaven knows where he got the idea that his views represent those of 'a large proportion of the electrorate'. He might indeed be terribly good at figure, but at people?

  19. Known in Earl's Court as "The Invisible Man", I wonder where the out of touch Mr Read gets his statistics from?
    Could it be Tory HQ?

  20. You couldn’t make him up!

  21. Rumour is that you can 'Read all about it" in the Standard

  22. Read is nothing more than a Cockell derivative, and one of those wankers sorry I meant bankers responsible for screwing the hardworking people of this country. Read's view on the planning policies show that the planning consultation is nothing more than a box ticking exercise, it seems from Read's comments that the elected circus in Hornton Street have already made up their minds. Read is so out of touch with his residents that living north of the border would not disadvantage him. I am sure that Councillor Wade would be happy to give him some lessons on how to stay in touch.

  23. It is understood that ex Goldman Sachs banker Cllr Read was headhunted to be a local Councillor by Tribal who had been commissioned by Cllr Cockell to find council candidates of "quality" for the Royal Borough. Readers will recall that Cockell had the novel idea of by passing the Ward Chairmen and their committees to use headhunters to find council candidates. An abominable abuse of power. Cockell is well known for driving a coach and horses through democratic systems whenever it suits his dictatorial instincts - but the Dame found out about this abuse, exposed it, and put paid to it.

  24. Ah, yet another 'appointee'. That explains a lot.

    Poodle-power has a lot to answer for.

  25. Cllr Read was elected by EC residents to represent us. Not to create a political platform for his own poorly informed views to put him on the MP merry-go-round. No Cllr Read you are NOT Chancellor material. If you want to know what your voters think read your own survey, page four will tell you just 7% are worried about Planning and a whopping 90% of respondents are worried about isolation for older people. What a very stupid man Read must be, for all his qualifications.'s%20Court%20survey%20report.pdf

  26. As an Earls Court resident I have never heard of him. What has he done to protect us from the dreadful earls court new city!

  27. Thank goodness for the Dame and her eagle eye. The only force for stopping abuse in the Royal Borough. More strength to her

    Long live the Dame

  28. Cllr Read seems to think of property ownership solely in cost benefit terms. But surely planning policies need to take account of the experience of actually living in houses, terraces and streets? An exclusive focus on buildings' development potential turns neighbourhoods into vastly expensive pockets of construction blight.

    1. Cllr Read is a fixated banker. He has no instinct for politics or representing his constituents. He is one of the misfit Councillors who has been force fed into the Royal Borough by Pooter. Using Headhunters to find Councillors is not what democracy is supposed to be about. The Tory backbenches are filling up with aberrations - which is no help to a Cabinet full of poodles. A collective disaster for residents

  29. There is a universally negative response to Cllr Read's disrespect for residents. Perhaps this will wipe the smirk off his face.

    There are many residents who, for the rest of their lives, will suffer the effects of neighbours' underground developments.

    If he lives that long, Cllr Read will become a atrophied geriatric. One sincerely hopes he is treated with the contempt he now displays towards his elders.

  30. Cllr Read is entitled to his personal views. But he is not a team player. He cannot continue as a member of the Planning Committee while openly criticizing it's policy. It is breathtaking that the Leader has not forced him to resign.

    This is a Council without discipline, without backbone, without values. Anything goes under Cockell's leadership

  31. If Pooter fires a poodle then the whole basis of his authority will crumble. It is called a corrupt system. "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely"

    1. 14 years is too long for any Leader in a democratic system

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