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Monday, 9 June 2014


On Sunday afternoon tourists and residents were treated to the extraordinary sight of several supercars tearing down Sloane Street and then skidding around Sloane Square to race back up Sloane St at speeds in excess of 80mph.
A peaceful afternoon for residents and tourists was ruined by a bunch of selfish arrivals from the Gulf showing off their ridiculous toys. 
And the same disturbances take place in the early hours of weekend mornings.
It's time the police organised radar speed checks and prosecuted these idiots for dangerous driving.
These cars have exhaust options to enable maximisation of noise levels and our friends from the Gulf set their cars for maximum volume.
There has already been one serious accident caused by an out of control Lamborghini, yet no police action seems to be the order of the day.
We know that the Gulf States own most of prime Central London, but do they need to rub it in our faces by treating us with such contempt?
If foreigners behaved like this in Doha they would be locked up.
No wonder these people are so disliked in London.


  1. What action are the local Councillors taking? Is it Cllr Quentin Marshall again? Turning a blind eye?

  2. Fly On The Wall9 June 2014 at 16:46

    Cllr Marshall is occupied with the polo season and has no time for this trivia. As a Ferrari owner he also has a close affinity with the Arab show offs - he also enjoys revving his motor

  3. Hmm. Those who rev their motors have nowhere to go. Ancient proverb.

  4. As usual the Hornet trash have got their facts wrong. "Engine revving" Cllr Marshall has moved from Brompton Ward and now represents Courtfield. A big loss to Brompton. The Brompton and Hans Town Ward is represented by Cllr Paget-Brown, Cllr Weale and Cllr Elizabeth Rutherford

    1. God help Brompton. And the noisy Arabs need have no concern that their fun ad games will be stopped

    2. A big loss to Brompton!!!
      You must be as weird as Marshall if you think that. A real prick!


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