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Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Improbably, Sir John Ritblat has decided to re-invent himself.
The one time estate agent, known for his epic social climbing, has come a long way from impoverishment in Lithuania.
He now presents himself as a cuddly old English squire. 
He lists his interests as apiculture(bee keeping to you, Palmer) and the collecting of antiquarian books(Trollope-one supposes)
Next he will be claiming to be a church warden and a keen church organist......

Anyway, he and his rough looking boy, Jamie, have decided to have another go at knocking the dear old Odeon cinema in High St Ken around.
Their company, Minerva, have put in amended plans and the deadline for objection is this Friday, 29th May.
This is what they plan and you can object by going to the RBKC planning website HERE

Demolition of former Post Office delivery office, Whitlock House office building and cinema building with retention of cinema facade to Kensington High Street and construction of basement and buildings to provide cinema facilities, 62 residential units (including affordable housing units for elderly people) and associated residential facilities, retail and office accommodation, car parking spaces, cycle parking, plant, hard and soft landscaping public realm improvements and associated works.(MAJOR APPLICATION)


  1. Affordable housing for elderly people?! Where is the evidence of lack of housing for elderly! Insane! How about some social housing for ordinary working people? according to the leader he cares about that sort of stuff. Another hit and run by developers.

  2. This is a complex proposal that has been fine tuned by £400k of consultant input about how to screw the planning system. Not even disgraced ex Cllr Keith Cunningham could get a look in to advise how to "work" Bore and associates, now Stallwood and associates - the Hornton Street gobblers.

    This proposal needs detailed analysis and response from the Kensington Society and it would be useful for residents to take their ideas from there.

  3. Angry Resident28 May 2015 at 11:18

    This development is too big. This transport intersection of Earls Court Road and High Street Kensington is already overcrowded. Public transport is full, the traffic jams are terrible, there is a shortage of resident parking and the pavements are overflowing. The queues at the Post Office and banks are horrendous.

    The Ritblat plan will double the floor space that is there already. Across the road there are the three huge new blocks of flats. And a hundred yards down the road is the huge new development in Allen Street. (Allen Street Mansions) The area is full up. The Odeon proposal needs to be scaled back.

    The Council urgently needs to carry out an Impact Analysis of all these new developments together. Otherwise life will become even more intolerable for residents. The developers do not give a stuff about residents. Unfortunately Officers could not care less either. Councillors on the Planning Committee need to sharpen their pencils. Lets hope that Cllr Mills gets her teeth into this one.

  4. what can we, the residents do about this mess?

    1. For a start, make a huge nuisance with your Ward Councillors. Cllr James Husband, Cllr Victoria Borwick (not replaced yet following her election as our MP) and Cllr Joanna Gardner. Focus on Cllr Gardner - she cares and will give it her best shot

    2. The Ward councillors are pointless. Make an objection on the Council website (go to the Planning Section and write your objection - its easy) and then turn up to the Planning Meeting and make a huge noise. Check the Planning Committee councillors who will sit at the meeting and lobby them before the meeting by email. Steer clear of Cllr Warwick, Chairman of the Planning Committee - he is useless, lazy, counter productive and beds over backwards to please developers. A true carbuncle in the backside of residents. Exactly where the rodent likes to be


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