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Monday, 17 August 2015


The Physic Gardens may no longer be that oasis of tranquility that drew so many to its delightful charms.
Neighbours who include Milord Salisbury and hedge fund magnate, Crispin Odey, will soon have to endure loud music, dancing and alcoholic laughter.
It seems the Gardens's management have been granted a late night boozing licence!
Facing ruin

In the glorious days of the Restoration nearby Ranelagh Gardens became the scenes of riotious behaviour: in fact, so bad was the behaviour of some of the Dame's ancestors that the Gardens were closed down and the drunken, whoring visitors banished.
Some of the Dame's ancestors

Let's hope that the Physic Gardens doesn't go down the path of Ranelagh Gardens


  1. Judging from the fees CPG charges for the use of its facilities for weddings, Baz Mizvas, funerals and similar jollies, I doubt whether common whoring will be any problem..... If yes, than the local hoy poloi should complain. Or perhaps join in the activities.....let's what happens.

  2. Chelsea Physic Garden does not have any subsidy so depends entirely on income which it can generate itself. It already has a license. This is to bring its regulations in line with its needs of the present day. It goes to a lot of trouble to ensure that its functions do not bother neighbours, including regular meetings with them. So do not criticise them, but, rather, encourage them in the great work which they do.

  3. So 'present day needs' ride roughshod over the rights of neigbours?
    It may go to a 'lot of trouble' to ensure functions don't bother neighbours but clearly, from the opposition, it's not enough. One assumes you won't have endure the noise.... not living nearby.


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