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Friday, 15 January 2016


So, Michael Clark, the overpaid and odious head of Property Services is off.
Can anyone enlighten the Dame as to the circumstances surrounding his going?

He cannot possibly be 'going' to the 'for profit' sector.....
Ironically, Clark, was also responsible for Customer Services!

The Dame's Special Reporter tells the Dame 

"He's the vermin who's been in charge of Property Services for the past few years, selling off the family silver....nasty piece of work, very rude and unpleasant, and (sometimes)....tells 'P......pies'

Whilst looking at some of the senior officers fat salaries the Dame was flabbergasted by the huge pension contributions we have to fund


  1. Pension pot? Hopefully, nothing like our dear Derek Meyer's alleged 3 million quid pot....

  2. Evidently, Clark's No 2 is equally unpleasant

  3. Finally exposed by the Thamesbrook scandal.


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