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Monday, 27 June 2016


Houseboats are to be found on the rivers of all great cities; London is no exception.
They are a charming part of the river scape: more than that, they provide essential low-cost housing in prime residential areas. 
Mr. Andrew Moffat, the developer-owner of Cadogan Pier, came to the Dame’s attention when he and his social climbing family pushed their way forward to welcome Prince William and his wife to Cadogan Pier. 
Little did the Prince know Moffat, an Aberdonian, was attempting to asset strip this historic pier..... so much part of the Thames.

Pushy is a good way to describe the Moffat family.
Their plan is to cast adrift houseboat owners from their Cadogan Pier moorings and re-let to those like the Dame needing a mooring for her Edwardian superyacht,  The SS Hornet-a gift from her Armenian arms dealer 'gentleman friend'.
Moffat’s company, Albyns  specialises in hugely vulgar interior decoration for the ‘international monied set’ with a 'taste by pass'

You can read all about Moffat's greedy plan HERE


  1. His name is Andrew Moffat not Morrow. And about 4 months ago he also bought the Cheyne Pier moorings-the ones by Battersea Bridge.

  2. Thank you so much. The poor old Dame has been very stressed this weekend.

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  4. A very sad story. This event is the modern equivalent of the 18th and 19th century enclosures - where wealthy landowners succeeded in stealing the small open fields of the poor. Today the extent to which the super rich are routinely allowed to disadvantage the less well off is a significant cause of Brexit

  5. The Moffats' fortune is very much in decline and deservedly so. Their property development arm is in freefall. 5 Cresswell Place is an utterly tasteless development they did in 2013 , a vulgar over-extension of a mews house, which they placed on the market at a hugely overambitious £40 million. It's worth £12-13m on a good day if you could find a buyer... not helped by an SW5 postcode! It's rumoured to have a personal guarantee on it too....oh dear!! As their financial dominoes tumble, the hope is Cadogan Pier will soon be wrestled from their grasp & end up with a decent owner

  6. I have lived peacefully on a houseboat at CYBC for many years, until the pig Andrew Moffat bought the company. Under his ownership the atmosphere has become a living hell, no boats are selling, he threatens us with lawyer letters and promises to increase fees to suicidal levels. With no protection under law, it was only a matter of time before a pig like Moffat would see an opportunity for exploitation. God help us.


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