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Thursday, 19 October 2017


MEP for London area, Charles Tannock, has grown fat on the largesse of the EU. His entire lifestyle is funded by the vast amounts we chip into the EU coffers. 
This is what he can generate.
A monthly EU cheque of €13,000 a month plus  €24,000 a month for 'uman resources'....whatever that might be.
No wonder the greedy pig is whining about the trough being taken away from him. That's a lot of money going into the pigsty!
The Dame was doing her hourly 'cross training' this morning and saw the porker moaning to Adam Boulton about how he was applying for Oirish nationality: assumably so he can snout his way into some Brussels job. 
He really is the most disgusting creature. 
But Tannock's greed is not just confined to getting tens of thousands off the EU.
The Dame put her investigative team onto Tannock and discovered that he had received a huge number of share options from a dodgy fracking company which he decided not to declare.
The Dame passed it to the Insight team at the Sunday Times and they give Tannock a right old bashing up.
Fortunately, Tannock was once a shrink so he was able to self-treat for the stress of exposure and guilt issues.
Tannock is the best reason for leaving the EU: he's a greedy old bugger and you can read the detail HERE

Of course, Tannock tried to sue the Sunday Times but they told him-as did the Press Council- to take a hike.
He even thought of having a go at the poor old Dame!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


This is not just about ripping out community assets: it's about the likes of Heaps and that rotter, Pooter Cockell, ripping us all off. 
Their behavior plays straight into the hands of the likes of Corbyn. 

Not so long ago, the old Dame was able to toddle along Kings Road and deposit her ‘widow’s mite’ at the Chelsea Building Society.
How nice it was to have a friendly chat with the young people there.
But good things never last.....

Yorkshire Building Society snaffled up Chelsea; closing this much-loved community facility and forcing ‘lil ol me’s’ like the Dame to spend hours bussing to the Shepherd’s Bush fringes of Kensington.
OK, so the directors of the old Chelsea Building Society were dross but the branch should have remained open.

Yorkshire Building Society offers nothing more to Chelsea savers and borrowers than a lot of bullshit about how closing branches enhances ‘customer experience’. 
Do they think we are stupid?

But here’s the really funny bit.

The part-time chairman of Yorkshire is an unknown lawyer called Mr.Heaps. Heaps joined in 2015 on £150,000 or close to £3,000 a week. 


Just a couple of years later the Executive Board decided he should get £185,0000 or close to £3,500 a week!
Curiously, and in that same period, the Executive Board found that their own packages increased by a similar quantum! 

So the CE, a Mr. Regnier, now earns a base salary of over half a million a year plus.... and his colleagues not far short. 

So what’s going on? 

Here's how they fix it.....

The Executive Board decide the mega money the Non-Executive Board cream off. 
The Non-Executive Board then return the favour by deciding what the exec's get...a sort of circular ‘you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.
The end result is that the exec's and the NED's look after each other!
In simple English, the non-executive directors become vassals of the Executive Board when they are supposed to be guarding shareholders’ interests.

It’s a bit like our very own Council.
The totally feckless Pooter Cockell’s £70,000 a year allowance was supported by Sir 'Delboy' Myers, the late and unlamented Town Clerk. 
In turn, Pooter supported Delboy's  £250,000 a year.
A bit like Yorkshire Building Society!

Anyway, the Dame will move her £50 million savings from Yorkshire to a society that chooses to support Chelsea by having a local that does not rip off shareholders by splashing out heaps on the likes of Heaps.

It’s time we all rose up against the rampant greed of these rapacious moneylenders. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017


Dear Dame
Londoners can sleep easily in their beds knowing that they and their children will be safe from any sudden random acid attack whilst out shopping.


How has Miss Rudd managed to quieten our fears?
Well, from now on those carrying sulphuric or hydrochloric acid COULD end up inside for a few months...Is she quite bonkers?
The foolish Rudd says you will be ok on the first occasion but if caught twice you will get banged up for a couple of months.

Up to April this year there were over 400 acid attacks: most were in the eastern parts of London.

However, the South West of London is now following the trend.
What is the matter with politicians? 
Can they really be so detached from the lives of ordinary people?
It must be all the close protection officers surrounding Rudd that makes her so remote.

Greg Hands is our local MP as well as being Minister for London.
He's sensible and pragmatic. 
He needs to book a meeting with the hopeless Miss Rudd and tell her to use her head.
Her proposal is an encouragement for every psychopath on the streets of London wishing to commit what is tantamount to murder.

Carrying acid should carry ten years with the onus on the carrier to justify possession....and the same with knives....

Respectfully, dear Dame

A law-abiding citizen

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


@10.47. Being shackled to the state for housing has not served anyone well in the history of Council housing in Kensington and Chelsea. 
In Local Government housing models, officers are supposed to be accountable to elected councillors in the discharging of their duties. 
In Kensington and Chelsea, this theoretical construct did not happen even when the Council ran the service in-house. Prior to the creation of the TMO, the Tory Controlled Council had little interest in housing and abrogated all housing management responsibility to the Director, Mr Kingsford, a man who enjoyed his battles with tenants and who showed everyone who challenged his authority, (except his favourites Mr Beverley and Mrs Besant come to mind) who was boss.

For the last twenty-one years, we have had the Tenant Management fiasco; a beast devised by Mr Kingsford. 

The Tenant Management Board did not devise policy in any sort of practical way it just rubber stamped the policy proposals of the TMO Executive. 
I am amazed that the intellectuals who served on that Board over the years even managed to do that. 
One former Board Member comes to mind for his involvement in the rubber stamping of policy. 
This man could not read or write and eventually went to prison for many years for child abuse!

The Tory Councillors loved the unaccountable TMO because they could wash their hands of housing management and abrogate all responsibility to TMO with its democratically elected Board that was accountable to no one. 

One former Board member told me that he believed in God but was not answerable to God for anything to do with the TMO. 
So power at the TMO was concentrated in the hands of a few Executives most of whom lacked talent.

In view of all this, I think it time to move away from socialist dogma about the housing management service being accountable to Councillors and to try the housing association model instead. 

We have had Labour Councillors on the TMO Board and their efforts have not improved much for those dependent on the service.

In theory Council housing should be wonderful but there is a massive tension between the theoretical construct of officers being accountable to Councillors and its implementation.

Set the tenants free.

Monday, 9 October 2017


The boss of the V&A says that current security arrangements are, " confusing, dangerous and unsatisfactory"

Tristan Hunt has put forward the idea that the Road should be made traffic free. LINK

Sunday, 8 October 2017


Dear Dame,

for his
I have, on occasions, written to Robert Black, Chief Executive of Kensington and Chelsea TMO, to bring to his attention the way in which the TMO treated me. Instead of doing something to improve the situation, he just passed my letters to those members of his staff who were responsible for the appalling situations of which I was complaining. 
I cannot believe the effrontery of the same Robert Black who had the cheek to announce just days after eighty people burned to death in Grenfell Tower that he was standing down from his position as  TMO Chief Executive to devote his time to "assisting the Enquiry" in to the most dreadful social housing disaster in the history of this Country.  
Why has Black changed the habit of a lifetime and personally concerned himself with assisting the Grenfell Tower Enquiry when he did not personally concern himself with any of the matters that I, and many others,  brought to his personal attention? 

Does the inadequate Robert Black think he can micromanage every issue regarding the TMO's failure to manage Grenfell Tower. 

Does Robert Black, a former Art Student,  think he has the skill to paint a glossy picture of the failing Organisation that he has run since 2009? 

How can a former Art Student from Aberdeen possibly assist the very capable and brilliant former Lord Justice of Appeal in Ordinary? 
Distinguished for his


Those were the heady days!
It seems an age ago when our councillors flung money at every daft scheme from spending millions on Opera Holland Park to the death trap Exhibitionist Road.
A White Elephant and some wallies

And we can never forget Dizzy Lizzy Campbell suggesting that Holland Park School cost nothing to build!

Cllr Moylan ironically suggested getting a mechanical elephant for the opening perceptively recognising  the Road was a white elephant

Saturday, 7 October 2017


Cllr Danny 'Boys' Moylan's quote on the 'dicing with death' Exhibition Road. ‘The reimagining of the space has transformed Exhibition Road, improving the quality of life for people living and working in, and for those visiting, the area.

The Dame's doesn't think the dozen people seriously injured will agree with his pompously idiotic statement.
Our hearts go out to the innocents injured today on Exhibition Road.

The Hornet has consistently slammed Exhibition Road as a monstrous waste of money at nearly £27 million plus annual cleaning costs of close to £400,000 a year. 
The granite, ordered from China of all places, is now filthy with tyre marks and oil slicks.

Wise heads have always said that this dangerous experiment of mixing vulnerable pedestrians with speeding cars was a recipe for a tragedy: they have been proven right
No one sticks to speed limit and is common to see cars and lorries racing at 60 MPH

Moylan, you are an arrogant know all. 
Your ludicrous project should be scrapped and cars and lorries banned immediately.

These two comment in the Evening Standard are pertinent

And it's another reminder that 'shared space' of which Exhibition Road is widely touted as a good example is a fatally flawed idea because people in cars just won't be nice and drive safely around vulnerable road users.
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They did away with the kerbs & road markings here saying it'll make the area more visitor-chummy and drivers will be more cautious. That worked well.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


It's an odd world when foreigners can come to the UK.....use NHS services and then refuse to pay the bill.
It costs us all millions.....

If we could claw just a little back it could save Freddy Vallender's little life.
Freddy is a beautiful four-year-old boy from Somerset who loves, like all small boys, tractors.

He has a rare and life-threatening heart condition which can only be treated at the Boston Children's Hospital.

So far, £22,000 has raised of the £90,000 needed to pay for the operation.
The Dame rarely goes 'off message' in her blog but she begs her readers to think of this lovely little boy. 
Without this operation, his life is at serious risk.

Please help the Dame help Freddy by clicking LINK TO JUST GIVING and give what you can. 
If you have any ideas about charities that could help the Dame would love to hear from you.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


What a fascinating missive and so irresistibly flattering to an elderly lady!
So, charming readers, what should this manifesto contain?

Dear Dame

Rumours abound that there is a very serious group of well-funded individuals plotting to target certain seats in the May elections.

My understanding is that they are likely to be politically unaligned and with a manifesto driven by a sort of 'he who pays the piper calls the tune': in other words, 'we residents will call the shots'.
Now, Dame, without being obsequious, you have spent seven or so long years battling a corrupt and self-serving council.
Why don't you use your wonderful blog to ask readers to comment on exactly what this group's manifesto should be?

I would like to kick off by suggesting we banish the Cabinet system and revert to the much more effective Committee system.
What do other readers want to change?

Respectfully, my dear Dame,

(name withheld)