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Thursday, 21 September 2017



Click to read about Bingle and his buddies

Peter Bingle just loves entertaining his councillor buddies

You come with me, sir.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Nothing escapes the Dame...

She now has hard evidence that Moylan has been machinating with Mrs. Mills, chair of the K&C Conservative Association LINK to deselect a number of sensible councillors who might try to stump Moylan's bid for leadership.

What might Mrs. Mills obtain from working with the ghastly, conniving Moylan? 
Nothing less than the deputy leadership.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Councillor Palmer replied to a resident who read the news in the Hornet's Nest about the upcoming resignations of two councillors....
Dear ......, Just so you know the web site you are quoting from used to have an( Palmer's grammar!) contact email address that could only be found in two places, one was on its own home page, the other place was as a point of access for pass codes(sic) to a paedophiles web site. When this was discovered, the police were called in and both web sites(sic) changed their details over night.(sic) The editors of the web site(sic) have never explained how that could happen or which editor was receiving the requests for access.
Councillor Palmer

If, as Cllr Palmer suggests the Dame's humble little site is as he says why on earth did the police not take action? 
Maybe the answer is that they thought, like thousands of others, Cllr Palmer was barking mad!

Could Cllr Palmer's obsession with paedophilia have something to do with his great friendships with convicted paedo, ex Cllr Lamont and ex Cllr Phelps whose interest in circulating images of young boys led, at the instigation of the Dame, to him being thrown off the Council.


Many readers have called the Dame asking what has become of Queen's Gate madcap councillor(no, not Danny Boys Moylan) Matthew Palmer. His comments on the Hornet were always good for a larf littered as they were with his horrible spelling.
Dealing away

Anyway, Matthew has been in Arizona undergoing treatment for his chronic addiction to online share dealing.Here is a pic of Palmer using the Council laptop in council meetings.
We all wish him well and a complete recovery!

One of Matthew's other unsuccessful business ventures was
Thanks to a report to the Standards Committee it was wound up having made not one £ in revenue!
Desperate to drive traffic to his site, Cllr Palmer linked up with other, less than salubrious sites.
Here are some examples of his 'partner' sites...

  • chinese
  • illicit

and others far too colourful to refer to...

Really, Councillor,(he loves to be called councillor) you should be ashamed of yourself!

Monday, 18 September 2017


One of the problems facing the Council is the leadership vacuum and hit to morale. How on earth can anyone take seriously the current leadership? Informed sources say getting Cllr Pascall to understand complex issues is far from easy. He really should make an effort seeing as Chez Pascall is benefitting from an RBK&C income of £60,000 a year.
Hanging around

It seems that Mr. Siddiqui, the Council’s Highways boss, allows NSL who run the parking enforcement contract to do just what they want.
Residents complain that wardens are often seen gossiping in little groups and ignoring abuse of resident parking spaces

NSL’s management has told wardens not to bother too much about any transgressor who won’t deliver revenue.  In other words, NSL’s mission is to make as much money as they can. 

NSL Boss
Every NSL traffic warden(for that is what they are) wants to be posted to the area around Harrods.
Why? Well, it’s a bit like being a waiter or concierge: the ‘tips’ are good!

Residents report wardens blatantly allowing drivers to illegally park around Harrods turning a Nelsonian blind eye.

NSL Parking is owned by Marston Holdings who have an appalling reputation for ruthless debt collection.


Those close to the sweet old Dame knows how she worries over her hideous, psycho nephew, Ludo.
Pulling many strings she manages to get him various jobs but after a week or two he is 'let go': theft, drunkenness and general licentiousness are often involved.
One of her ambitions is to get him into local government. 
The idea came to her when she saw that K&C Housing Director, Laura Johnson- a geography graduate from John Moores, a mail order uni in Liverpool, is paid the thick end of £130,000 a year! Laura's unique under-qualification mirrors that of her friend, Robert Black of the TMO. Robert got some interior design qualification from an unknown college in Aberdeen!
Anyway, one of Laura's underlings is Janice Jones, a lady of a certain age who was the Lancaster West Housing Officer for a number of years.
She is now the Housing Officer in the Colville Ward (Portobello and surrounds). 
She was considered by many as useless, inefficient and just waste of time.  
Mrs. Jones, on one occasion, failed to act when a crack cooking/distribution den was reported to her. 
It took Sgt May to deal with it.
She failed to act when a stench was reported coming from a mews flat claiming she had spoken to the gentleman only a week previously!
In fact, he was decomposing in his flat for the fifth week.  
Action was taken only when the police were called. 
She also failed to deal with anti-social behaviour on the Estate and illegal sub-letting, which is rife.

Laura, your highly paid job involves ensuring that you provide taxpayers with VFM. 
Mrs. Jones is clearly in need of some training.....

Friday, 15 September 2017


The Dame hears that Cllrs Warwick Lightfoot and Feilding Mellen will be announcing their resignations....


Dear Dame

Through history, London has been a place of sanctuary for the 'global oppressed'. 

Even today we hear of affluent Americans looking to base themselves in London revulsed at the prospect of living under a Trump regime.

Dame, in your little blog I read Cllr Moylan might one day rule our Royal Borough. Immediately I conjured up contingency plans to protect residents against this dystopian nightmare. 

One option is to sell up and move out; another to campaign to amalgamate RBK&C with Westminster.

On three occasions Cllr Moylan has pitched himself as leader: each time he has failed. 
Therein lies the message......

I once advised Cllr Moylan to be less abrasive and aggressive in dealing with people. 
He was in total denial!
Self-awareness and humility are not one of this councillor's strengths.
His mantra, "we know best" is his undoing.

Our Council faces immense challenges in the years ahead. 
Whoever leads it needs to be inspirational and inclusive....sadly Daniel Moylan is none of these things.
He has no conception of the qualities required of leaders.

No doubt, in the coming months, Mr. Moylan will be 'working the room' assuring colleagues he has changed....don't believe him.
He is a clear and present danger to residents.


Justin Downes

Thursday, 14 September 2017


The excellent 'This Is North Kensington' has this to say about the sinister Daniel Moylan . 
It should be required reading for anyone tempted  into supporting the bullying, thuggish Moylan LINK


This council and its residents need a period of stability. 
Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is not the solution.
So what is the old Dame be getting at?
Danny Boys

Danny Boys, having been thwarted at every turn in his efforts to become leader, has been lurking in dark corners with Mrs Mills. 
No, they are not having amatory assignments....
So what could they be cuddling up to discuss?

Perhaps it all revolves around getting rid of councillors who know Moylan for what he is and replacing them with a crop of new and inexperienced councillors malleable and naive enough to support his fresh leadership bid. 
This nasty little stratagem requires the complicity of Cllr Mills, the association chairman. 
It is in the power of Mills to remove sane and sensible councillors who know and abhor Moylan. 
Those councillors must be supported and the Mills/Moylan plot scuppered. 
So what could Moylan have promised Mills?  The deputy leadership...nothing less!

Daniel Moylan is toxic....he holds residents, officers and fellow councillors in complete contempt. 
For this reason that no one has ever wanted to work with him.
RBK&C has no need at this sensitive time of a couple of conniving schemers.

Monday, 11 September 2017


.......and talking about taxpayers funding elected representatives' families....

The Dame received this email from a fuming resident. 
It seems Councillor Pascall who rakes in close to £40,000 a year doesn't like to be bothered with irritating residents-or at least that seems to be the inference from the email sent to the Dame. 
Mr and Mrs Pascall pull in close to £60,000 a year so he should have the manners to respect those paying him a sizeable wedge.

Dear Dame,
Councillor Pascal has never replied to an e-mail from me or two of my neighbours which I have been informed is in breach of his contractual obligations.  
I would be most thankful if you would produce a blog post asking if anyone in the Royal Borough has e-mailed this idle shirker and not received an acknowledgement or reply.  
If we can organise a dozen or so people to complain, the Conservative Party whip might take some disciplinary action and RBKC might censor his conduct.  
It might even result in Dizzy Lizzie having to find another Deputy.
I am happy for this e-mail address to be published on your blog post, should you deem it worthy.

Yours sincerely,


Saturday, 9 September 2017


Birds of a certain grubby feather flock together.
Dear readers will remember the very fragrant Louis Vuitton obsessed Jonathan Frazer-Howells and some of his odd side activities whilst agent here in K&C.

Shock yourself here LINK !!
J F-H deserted exotic Chelsea for the bucolic pleasures of Bridgwater and West Somerset. Here he has the responsibility for managing the bovine and unemployable MP, Ian Liddell-Grainger. One of Ian’s very middle-class ancestors married some offspring of Queen Victoria and does he never stop letting us know how he is 4,000th in line to the throne!

Even his W. Somerset Conservative colleagues have been trying to get rid of the rotter LINK

Aside from being very mediocre Ian sets money grubbing records....

Expenses claims
Claimed a total of £166,109 in expenses, including for office, staffing and travelling costs, during 2007–8, the sixth highest of all MPs in that year. Liddell-Grainger has registered his wife as a parliamentary assistant and in 2010 included both his wife and his two eldest children on his list of staff, the only MP to do so at the time.
In 2006, Liddell-Grainger was disqualified from the WriteToThem league table after faking e-mails and replies to himself to improve his "responsiveness rating" on a website which helps people contact their elected representatives. Liddell-Grainger's spokesman commented that the e-mails had been sent to test the data that the website was judging him on!!
At the 2010 general election Liddell-Grainger refused to attend any election hustings or to take part in the BBC's election coverage.
The Dame asked Liddell-Grainger if he had helped little Freddy Vallender, a constituent needing  urgent medical help.
Despite having his entire family on the payroll the hideous Liddell-Grainger had no time to spare this brave little chap.

Liddell-Grainger, you are bloody disgrace: if Somerset people had any sense they would kick you out.